• Always turn your jeans inside-out before washing them
  • It is advised that you wash your jeans separately on a cool cycle.
  • Use a mild detergent or Mr Black Denim Rinse.
  • Never use bleach unless you want to revive the acid wash look.
  • Never soak your jeans because it will cause the indigo dye to run. This will make our jeans fade faster than they should.
  • Hang them in the shade to dry so the sun doesn't fade them. 
  • Don’t tumble dry. This makes the fibers weaker and will cause your jeans to Shrink and in turn lose their shape as you wear them.

If you prefer that lived-in look don’t iron them.

If you like to have them looking sharp and crisp?

Use lots and lots of steam when ironing. 


No Wash Option 1

Use our Mr Black Denim Refresh spray to give your jeans a pleasant and fresh smell. 

No Wash Option 2

Hang your jeans in the bathroom when you have a shower.  The steam will help to drop out any unwanted creases and "freshen" them up.